Lower Primary School

Primary School

Our primary school has two sections: Lower Primary (Grade 1-3) and Upper Primary (Class 4-8).

For quality learning, we ensure a small size class of up to 25 pupils is maintained. This gives each learner an ample time with the teacher.

Digital Learning
ICT is a learning tool in all activity areas in our primary school. We have two well equipped computer laboratories to facilitate learning and academic research in all learning areas.

KCPE Performance
Our KCPE performance has been exemplary, this has been achieved by our highly skilled and dedicated teachers. We did our first KCPE in 2006 and attained a mean grade of 373 marks (74.5%). Our best mean scores were in the year 2012: 386 marks and 2015: 382 marks among others. The track record of our performance can be viewed in school.

We have consistently produced the best candidates with 400 marks who have joined the best national schools countrywide. Some of our students have joined prestigious universities and are professionals in various fields locally and abroad .

Character Development
As part of our vision, character development is an integral point for the students in both within the as well as without the school even after completion of their studies in our institution. So much is put into ensuring that the character is made admirable. Guidance and counseling lessons are embedded into the mainstream learning curricula where the students are guided by the class teacher.