The kindergarten section of our school offers Baby Class (2-4 years), Pre-primary 1 (4-5 years) & Pre-primary 2 (5-6 years) at the end of which the pupils graduate to primary school. our way of teaching is child centered which encourages interactive classes that fosters creativity and child development.


Our very young ones are taken care of by well-trained teachers and caretakers as they start their formal learning process in the school. We use competency based approach of learning (CBC) which inspires learners to achieve their potential.

Early years development is fundamental to the growth of your child. We believe in the value of childhood.

We apply the natural learning methods as well as modern proven methods with great results. We ensure that our kids make good progress as they move from kindergarten to primary school.

Harvest View Academy is a great place for your child to grow, share and succeed.